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Mark M.O.D.E.

Posted in Entrevistas on May 23, 2010 by electronicmusicworld
Mark M.O.D.E.

Mark M.O.D.E.

Few artists have the level of success M.O.D.E. have experienced so early in his career, but it seemed obvious from very early on that these guy was different. A little over months since their inception, and both the industry and clubbers around the world are already hooked on the infectious sound that is unique to M.O.D.E. Being hassled by the likes of Sasha [a], John Digweed [a], Eric Prydz [a], Hernan Cattaneo [a], Dubfire [a] and Richie Hawtin [a], on a daily basis for his upfront releases is something Mark is learning to take in his stride, and with various original work for his brand new M. O.D.E. imprint on the way, things are looking good. Witnessing first hand just how his productions fill a dance floor, it instantly hits home why he is already so heavily in demand. His tracks combine a cutting edge style that fuses elements of house and techno whilst always containing a sexy low end funk that is devastating sound systems all over the world. It’s little wonder that John Digweed [a] (who discovered him) and Richie Hawtin [a] named him one of the new promises of electronic music.

Interview with M.O.D.E.

So why M.O.D.E or just Mode? And why that name?
Both of them are right I guess … and about the name , it just sounds good I guess , the points are only for give it strength.
You have taken everyone by surprise! You should be really happy!
Hahaha! Yes I ‘am! , but all this is even a bigger surprise for me!
So what’s your secret?
There’s no secret I guess , I just put my ass on the chair and get the job done.
What is it about that sort of music that gets you going? Why do you like it so?
Progressive is something that always seems to get a room going at the end of a night. It’s got a real kind of uplifting feel. If its hard and fast techno all night long, then by 3am some people can really be flagging. So if you take people on a journey through tech house and techno and then mix in some of the cooler progressive tracks as the night wears on then it works well. Besides, an awful lot of the techno tracks these days could be classed as prog anyway and vice versa – the boundaries are now so small and mixed up.

And what do you aim to achieve in your own productions? what is the thought process you go through when making a track or remixing?
Huge diversity and different sounds is something I always try. Sometimes a track will have a very simple groove and then the next piece of work will have fairly complicated arrangements. I like to keep people guessing as to what my next piece of work will sound like, rather than people knowing straight away as to what the sound will be. With remixes I always try and work to a plan where I hold all the noticeable original elements back until quite a long way in. I like to tease the listener, so that they think they can hear the original track but are not sure.

And how involved are the artists and labels you remix? how much feedback/guidance do you get?
I don’t normally get given any guidance as people will already know the kind of sound that I’ll be putting onto the project. Sometimes I’ll let the label know the exact direction the remix is taking and that seems to work really well as I feel that labels like to be kept up to date with the progress of a remix. Once the remix is at a stage I am happy with, I’ll deliver it and await the feedback. All the remixes I have done so far have all needed approval from the original artist so it’s great to know that these massive producers are approving my work – it means all those hours in the studio are worth it!

What do you hope people will think or feel when they hear your music?
Hopefully it will make them dance! Something that I always hear is that people think my music sounds very different from anything else that is out in the current scene. They say that it is almost like a number of different sounds within a song, which is pretty much what I am trying to achieve with my production.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you/your music/your values?
Just thank to everyone!